How can a probiotic help with UTI prevention?

Last updated on May 13, 2021 Reviewed by Dr. Sandeep Sahwney, M.D., Board Certified Urologist

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“I thought probiotics were just something to help with your digestive health?”

We get this question all the time and while probiotics are great for balancing your gut health, this creates a direct and indirect effect on your entire immune system and preventing UTIs

If you have had a UTI, chances are you have taken an antibiotic more than once.

Some of you may have even started to get to the point that antibiotics are not helping. There is a very clear reason for this...

When you are given an antibiotic for a UTI, it does not always just kill the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria that live in your gut, bladder, and urethra. While this may not seem like a big deal at first, when you kill all types of bacteria, you actually give the bad bacteria an opening to “move in” more permanently.

When you get a UTI, taking an antibiotic does not kill ALL the GOOD or BAD bacteria, so the bad bacteria that survived have less competition for a place to live and consume nutrients since there are less good bacteria occupying the area. They begin to multiply easier than before.

When your body has the proper amount of good bacteria, they simply occupy all the space available in the gut, bladder, and urethra and consume all of the food so bad bacteria have nowhere to grow - just like a hotel with no vacancies. When you take antibiotics, you kill good bacteria as well and give bad bacteria a chance to move in and start to spread.

The gut microbiome also gets destroyed, which causes poor absorption of critical vitamins and minerals. 70% of your body’s immune system is located in the gut so if that is not working well, then it can make getting other infections much easier.

“I have taken antibiotics a number of times for UTI’s, how can I restore my gut, bladder, and urinary tract health, pH balance, and good bacteria?”

Specialized probiotics are the answer.

There are millions of different bacteria strains so you should not take any random probiotic.

L. Acidophilus and L. Rhamnosus: The most important for vaginal and urinary tracthealth

●L. Acidophilus and L. Rhamnosus are specific types of probiotics that live naturally in high concentrations in a healthy human vagina.

●They naturally release acids that keep the vaginal microbiome balanced.

●When consumed orally, these bacteria have been shown to travel from the gut to the vagina where they can populate.

UTRx Boost is our specialized vaginal probiotic, gut probiotic, & immunity enhancer which contains clinically proven probiotic strains to maintain the good bacteria that balance the vaginal microbiome.

When the vaginal microbiome is not in balance with healthy populations of lactobacillus, it can threaten urinary health by impacting the urinary microbiome as well. To maximally support urinary health, vaginal health needs to be addressed.

●UTRx Boost maintains a balanced vaginal pH, and healthy levels of vaginal yeast and bacteria*

●Our shelf-stable probiotic is made with 11 strains of good bacteria for vaginal health - most probiotics only contain one*

●Our unique probiotic supports three key areas: reproductive health organs, the gut, and the immune system*

By supporting the health, pH, and microbiome of the gut, urethra, and bladder by taking properly formulated probiotics, your body will have a stronger immune system and you can prevent bad bacteria from causing a UTI!

“Should UTRx be taken with UTRx Boost?”

Using UTRx with UTRx boost greatly enhances the effectiveness of both products by 300%!

If you are a chronic sufferer of UTI’s, try the entire UTRx system consistently for 90 days as directed and finally free yourself from the constant cycle of pain, medications, and visits to the doctor!