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The most comprehensive formula 
for a
healthy urinary tract.

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UTRx was developed by
board-certified urologists.

UTRx is the first to contain
3rd party DMAC method validated
36mg A2 type PAC's derived from cranberries,
D-mannose, and vitamin C
all in one formulation

Meet the team

Dr. Sawhney  & Dr. Tek

 CSO & Director of R&D

"We combined our clinical experience with the criteria that the rest of the team was looking for in a urinary health product to create the first Board-Certified Urologist Created formula, UTRx.”

Marsha Ridings

RN, MSN Co-Founder & CEO

“As a Nurse and woman, I felt that the true needs of women with UTIs were not being met by the products that currently exist.
We have created UTRx with the standards I would expect in our clinic while meeting the needs of the women we set out to help.”

Tiffany Berry

Co-Founder & COO

“ I have experienced the pain and frustration of recurring UTIs, so I stepped out
of my executive role in pharmaceuticals to develop UTRx, a product that I personally
wished I had for years now!”

Jessica Schlenger

MS, BSN, Scientific Advisory Board

“We are constantly striving to review the latest scientific and clinical research
to ensure that our products are always performing to the standards we expect
as a team of nurses and doctors.”

 Transparent. Tested.  Proven.
100% SAFE

We source our highest quality, patented cranberry derived PAC's from 
a company located in Avignon, France. 
The company is certified: NSF/ANSI 173 for food supplements in the US and ICH Q7A according to pharmaceutical guidelines.

We re-test all raw materials via a 3rd party phytochemical testing lab to ensure materials match their certificate of analysis. 

The testing lab located in Wisconsin, USA is FDA and NSF certified.

We bottle at an NSF® Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility located in New York, USA. 

The company is also FDA and NSF certified.

 We send the capsules to the 3rd party phytochemical testing lab to verify that the capsules are dosed exactly as we claim. 

The tasting lab located in Wisconsin, USA is FDA and NSF certified.

The highest quality urinary health supplement shipped Fast & Free to you. 

The benefits of a healthy urinary tract:



Enhanced ENERGY




How it works

  • D-Mannose is one of the most effective supplements for both treatment and prevention of UTIs.
  • 36 mg A2 type proanthocyanidins (PAC's) has been shown to provide anti-adhesion activity (AAA) against Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria, which is responsible for over 75% of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).
  • Vitamin C has been shown to be effective in the prevention and self-care treatment of urinary tract infections.
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"As physicians, we wanted to make the highest quality and most transparent
products available so we could feel 100% confident recommending them to our patients."

Dr. Peter Tek, Board-Certified Urologist  

Live your best life!
Don’t let UTIs ruin another minute of it.

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Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

  • A science-based product backed by clinical research and multiple 3rd party testing.
  •  Non GMO ingredients. Vegan-Friendly. 
  • Gluten Free. Antibiotics Free.
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We want to shed light on what really works for urinary health.

The nutritional supplement industry is completely unregulated and often, claims about products are very misleading.

Since the founders of UTRx are doctors, we wanted to make the highest quality and most transparent products available so we could feel 100% confident recommending them to our patients.

Lara Anne T. ( UTRx Customer)

"The moment I decided to be free of UTIs and tried UTRx, was one of the moments that changed my life completely, I could finally be myself again and live without thinking about my UTI all the time"