What’s in UTRx?

UTRx is a proven urinary tract supplement that starts working quickly – and keeps working – to protect you from harmful bacteria in the body that leads to painful UTIs.

UTRx is a once daily supplement that contains high levels of PAC (proanthocyanidins) – 36 mg to be specific – proven to rid the body of UTI-causing bacteria by flushing it away when you urinate. PAC’s are now recommended by the American Urological Association for promoting urinary tract health and preventing UTI’s.

UTRx has 36 mg PAC's, 250mg D-mannose, 250mg Vitamin C in a vegetable based capsule.

Who should take UTRx?

While UTIs affect mostly women, men may develop UTIs as well and can benefit from once daily UTRx.

You may also want to consider UTRx if you are prone to UTIs as a result of: 
● Sex
● Certain birth control
● Menopause
● Various medical conditions like diabetes
● Conditions that limit your mobility; or you use a catheter to urinate

These increase your risk and UTRx is a proven daily supplement for the prevention of UTIs.

Do I need a prescription to take UTRx?

No. While the 36 mg PAC (proanthocyanidins) in UTRx is medical-grade, and that UTRx is designed by physicians it’s considered a dietary supplement and does not require a prescription.

Your doctor may have suggested that you check out the proven science of UTRx and directed you to our website but, if you wish, you can make a purchase here any time without a prescription.

How often do I take UTRx?

Take 2 capsules of UTRx once daily with water. Take it with food and at any time. It works best if taken at the same time everyday. 

For times when you’ve been especially at risk or if you have symptoms that indicate you may be getting a UTI, take 2 capsules with your first meal and 2 capsules with your last meal for 2 days, then return to your regular once daily routine.

Because sex often results in bacteria in the urethra, take 2 capsules of UTRx before or after sex.

If your doctor confirms an infection (called an “active” UTI), take your daily UTRx together with your prescribed antibiotic to help your body flush out the bacteria. Remember that UTRx won’t treat or cure a UTI, but it can help prevent you from getting another one. Learn more about taking UTRx to prevent UTIs.

Is it possible to be allergic to UTRx?

Unlikely, but not impossible.

If you have a red fruit allergy, consult your doctor before you take UTRx. 

Is it safe to take every day?

Yes. Naturally sourced and with no known side effects, UTRx can be taken safely every day. Of course, if you are allergic to the ingredients found in UTRx, or if you have a red fruit allergy, consult your doctor before you start.

Does UTRx cause side effects?

No, but call your doctor if you have any adverse reactions. No serious side effects have been reported at the recommended dose of one or two capsules per day.

Do I take UTRx with or instead of an antibiotic?

Daily antibiotics are prescribed by your doctor to get rid of an infection, but taking every day to prevent UTIs may not be the best plan. Daily antibiotics can be very harmful to good gut bacteria and gut health.

You should take UTRx with your antibiotic until the infection clears and then continue taking UTRx once daily to keep your urinary tract in check and to constantly flush out bad bacteria that could lead to another UTI. 

Can pregnant women and nursing mothers take UTRx?

We have no studies on the use of UTRx in pregnant women and nursing mothers. We recommend pregnant women discuss with their doctor prior to taking any supplement.

Can I take UTRx if I’m a diabetic?


Will UTRx give me kidney stones? Will it aggravate the ones I have?

No and no.  

What does NSF certification mean?

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What does cGMP mean?

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“What if I have a yeast infection?”

There are no known contraindications to using our product’s active ingredients with having a yeast infection. There is some data to suggest that these active ingredients may provide prevention of recurrence of yeast infections

“I started taking your product today, I took 2 with the first meal of the day and I have been feeling nauseous all day. Can I try 1 daily instead?”

Start by trying 1 capsule with your second meal instead and see if your nausea improves. This may be completely unrelated to UTRx so this will allow you to rule that out. If your nausea subsides, try 2 capsules with your second meal and see. If there are no problems, continue with this regimen. If you find you are nauseous even with taking 1 capsule at lunch, discontinue use."

Some sensitive individuals may have a slight allergy to cranberries so if symptoms continue, you may fall into this category.

“How long does it take for UTRx to start working?”

It can vary from person to person but generally you need to be taking UTRx for 14 consecutive days to experience the full potency.

If you are TIRED of PAINFUL UTIs, prevent them with UTRxthe most effective UTI prevention blend available without a prescription 
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